Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pre-Christmas December

What a wonderful ending to a fabulous 2009! We made some sweet memories as a family.

While I was making one of the MANY peanut butter pies I've made this pregnancy, Brogan was climbing up my legs wanting my atttention. I found some cool whip in the fridge and gave him a spatula and voila! I got my baking done and Brogan got a yummy surprise! I had to take it away when he decided to start painting the floor with it.

When Lynchburg got their 2ft. of snow, we got our *maybe* 2 inches! :) This suited me just fine since I'm not a huge snow person. The anticipation of snow is much more fun than the actual snow in my opinion. Last year, we took Brogan out in the snow but all he could do was crawl around in it. He enjoyed playing in it this year with his cousins, Cobe and Cayden. My sister in law took the last 2 pictures...that's why they're so good :)

We took Brogan to see Santa twice. We went to Four Seasons Mall in Greensboro the first time with Tadd's parents. We stood in line over an hour and Brogan did great while waiting. The minute we sat him on Santa's lap, the smiles turned to screams haha! Poor baby :( I would have bought a picture, but he kicked one of his shoes off. Soooo, off we go again a few days later with Brogan and my parents to University Mall in Chapel Hill. There was no line so it was pretty much instant tears. But I DID get a funny picture! How cruel, I know :) Until I get a scanner, here is the picture from my camera.

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