Friday, January 30, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 7 month birthday Brogan!

My baby boy is getting SO big! Here are a few things that he can do now:

-sit in the front of a grocery cart
-sit in a high chair at restaurants
-drink from a sippy cup
-put his toes in his mouth
-take a bath in his ducky tub
-eat baby food- so far he likes: carrots, applesauce, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes, and squash
-eat green peas- NOT the baby food kind, just the real ones
-eat slightly soggy puffs- yes, I suck on them first...I know it's gross

Isn't he a cutie in the tub? :)

Watching his daddy preach

Finding a better use for the jarred peas :)

Me and my baby boy

Daddy and his best buddy

Check out his bottom teeth- there's four more on top!

Sweet Brogan :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brogan's first snow day!

Last Tuesday, we woke up to a beautiful snowfall- about 3 inches- which is pretty good for us here in NC! Tadd took the day off and we waited until the snow quit falling to take Brogan outside to "play". He was so bundled up that Tadd called him Randy from the Christmas Story :) I tried to make a snowball for him to hold but the snow was too powdery and wouldn't stick together. I put some in his lap and he just stared at it like, "What the heck is this?" We don't have a sled so we put Brogan in his little red car and rolled him down the driveway. He loved it and thought he was such a stud! We only stayed out about 20 minutes since the wind was blowing and then we went back inside and stayed in our pajamas the rest of the day. Perfect!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Peas and ZZZzzzzzzzzz.....

So much for starting with vegetables!! I really wanted to get Brogan loving his veggies before starting fruit but the green peas RUINED this kid!

Before we tried the peas, Brogan loved his oatmeal and we couldn't feed it to him fast enough. Then came the peas. After that, he refused to open his mouth at all- even for oatmeal. After four days of trying, I finally opened a jar of applesauce and tried it. Same thing. He gagged. However, after four days this time, he finally seemed to like it. Well, at least tolerate it. I discovered that if I put him in his exersaucer when I want to feed him, his toys distract him and he laughs and I plop some applesauce in his mouth. Now, after 8 days of apples, he actually opens his little mouth! YAY!

Today while I was eating lunch, Brogan seemed very interested so I decided to try out some bananas...they were a HIT! He kept opening his mouth on his own- so cute! I think I'll put some in his oatmeal and see if he'll eat it that way. Next on the menu: CARROTS!

Also, two nights ago, Tadd and I decided it was time to "Ferberize" our son . We placed him in his crib and he fell right to sleep. Three hours later he wanted his Momma and I let him cry 5 minutes, then 10, then 15, etc. After an hour, he was back to sleep! I ended up feeding him once the first night and pumped. That was a huge improvement from his usual 3-4 feedings a night.

Last night, we put him to sleep at 8:30 and he didn't wake up until 5:00 this morning! I was ecstatic! I nursed him and he slept for 3 more hours. Can you believe it? I really hope I'm not jinxing myself here, but it was just wonderful. Although, I do find myself missing our many late night/early morning bonding sessions. That's why I'm perfectly fine with still nursing once during the night.

Brogan is really getting close to crawling. He kind of pushes himself backwards instead. His latest favorite thing to do is look out the back door at the birds. He smiles when they fly away. Also, we've been keeping our family dog, Maddy this week. Brogan is infatuated with her! He follows her with his eyes and loves to put his hands on her. It's so cute!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brogan Update :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! We had an awesome time playing Santa- Brogan even "helped" me bake cookies for Santa. He was actually really interested in his presents. My parents gave him his first car :) and he LOVES to ride in it. The minute we put him in it, he grabbed the steering wheel and didn't let go. Tadd's parents gave Brogan an exersaucer that keeps him entertained while I get ready in the mornings. How I went six months without one of these is amazing to me. Brogan received lots and lots of other toys from family members and we are so thankful! Since we play practically all day long (the boy does not like to sleep!) the new toys keep ME from going crazy haha! Some of his other favorite toys are his new toothbrush and some spoons...anything he can chew on!

Brogan is such a fun baby! He has mastered rolling over both ways now and loves to sit up by himself. He even sleeps in his OWN ROOM now!! Yep, on January 1st, my New Years resolution was to move my baby from the pack n play right beside our bed to his own crib. He still gets up 3 times to eat (err...cuddle with mommy) but it's a start. My next job is to let him start crying longer and longer until he realizes that he doesn't need me to go back to sleep. It's a bad habit that I've got to break.

We took Brogan to the doctor today for his six month check up and Dr. Bailey said everything looked great! Brogan weighs 17.7lbs and was 26 3/4 in. long- which is the 50th percentile for both. His head circumference is off the charts...but that isn't surprising! :) Dr. Bailey gave us the go-ahead to start other solids besides cereal and to introduce a sippy cup with water or breastmilk in it. I can't wait to give Brogan some peas! I want him to love vegetables like I do and hope he's not a veggie-hater like his daddy!! Also, he has SIX teeth now- 2 on the bottom and four on the top. I know that they have to hurt! With his teeth coming in at this rate, Brogan will be eating a T-bone by the time he's 9 months!