Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I stink at blogging!

It just doesn't rank high on my to-do list. Facebook is much easier :) So much has gone on since I last posted. Too much to really remember. I will try to give a re-cap of the last 2 months.

-Early August, I went to Ocean Isle Beach with my family. Tadd had to work and couldn't come with us. It was actually Brogan's third time at the beach, but his first since he's started walking. He loved the sand! Hated the water! After putting his feet in the ocean, he had had enough :)

-We traveled to Florida back in August and had a great time staying with Chad and Michelle and Tim and Tandy. Brogan was in 7th Heaven playing with Cobe and Cayden. The first thing he did every morning was run to their room. Each night, while they were in bed, Brogan kept sneaking into their room to play. It was so hard for him to come home to a house with no playmates.

-While we were in FL, we went to the Magic Kingdom! It was so exciting and Brogan really enjoyed watching Mickey Mouse and all the other characters on stage in front of Cinderella's castle. However, Tadd and I realized it was a little more difficult going to a theme park with a baby. It took us 4 hours before we ever rode a ride. We kind of drifted all over the park without a game plan. Eventually we ended up riding 5 rides and Brogan enjoyed all of ONE of those (Small World). After we met Mickey and Minnie, we gave Brogan his lovey and that was the last time we ever saw it. We spent the next 2 hours re-tracing our steps and going to every lost-and-found station in the park. No luck. Poor baby was not happy without his lovey. FINALLY he took a nap in his stroller. Thankfully, we had a back-up lovey in the car!! It sounds like we didn't have a good time, but we actually really did. Once Brogan took a nap, he was excited to see the parade and dance to the music. And I got a soft pretzel with mustard so I was in my own 7th Heaven :)

-We also visited Disney Hollywood Studios (which I will always call MGM b/c that's how I remember it.) We went with Tim, Tandy, Cobe and Cayden and this time things went much smoother! I'm sure Tim and Tandy know the parks as well as the workers do :) Brogan LOVED the Beauty and the Beast show and the Playhouse Disney show. He did well on all the rides and even fell asleep in my lap on the Great Movie Ride. For lunch, we were so excited to eat at the Sci-Fi drive-in restaurant. All the tables looked like old cars and we watched old movie/cartoon clips while we ate. So fun!

-Brogan said "ma-ma" for the first time on September 5. He still says "da-da" ALL the time but when he needs/wants something RIGHT AWAY, I get to hear "mamamamamamama" and it's music to my ears (for now anyway!) :)

-I have completely weaned Brogan from nursing. Well, actually he pretty much weaned himself from the bedtime/middle of night feeding. I thought I would be devastated, but knowing that he was ready made me feel better. I still get to rock and sing him to sleep every night so I still feel "needed". My goal was a year and we made it to 14 months!

-I took Brogan to his 15 month check up (although he was closer to 14 months) and WOW the kid freaks out at the sight of a nurse/doctor. I hate having to hold him down, but how else can Dr. Bailey look in his nose, ears, mouth? After his shots, he cried all the way to the car. :( Brogan weighed 19lbs.13oz. and was 32in. Dr. Bailey said he wanted us to come back in 6 weeks for a weight check. He said he wasn't worried since Brogan is gaining (verrrrrry gradually) but just wants to play it safe. Hopefully by then he will hit the 20lb. mark! I've been trying to fatten him up a little...some butter here, some cookies there haha :)

And because it's my blog, I'm just gonna brag about my boy now:
-when Brogan wants to go outside, he brings us his shoes and says "sssssssh"
-when we ask, "what does Big Bird say?" he answers: lalalalala (sings it like Big Bird does)
-when we ask, "what does the lion say?" he roars (although it sounds more like he's clearing his throat)
-if we ask him to go get his cup/lovey/ball/book/shoes, he does it
-he moved up to the 1's and 2's classroom at church and only cried for a few minutes...then played with all his friends. MUCH better than the nursery!
-when his Praise Baby or Baby Einstein DVD's start showing the credits, he runs to find the DVD remote
-he still loves to shake his booty! :)

I think that's all for now. Whew! Blogging is exhausting. I need a nap.