Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yay for Saving Money!

My mom and I recently started "couponing" and I have quickly gotten hooked! I've always done my main grocery shopping at Walmart because it's cheaper than anywhere else. But I've found that with coupons, I can get things very cheap or even free at Harris Teeter with their double and triple coupons. Now, I've always wanted to use coupons but either forgot to hand them to the cashier or forgot to take them to the store to start with. My mom and I got these notebooks and organized them with dividers and baseball card holders. SO MUCH EASIER! We look like some serious shoppers carrying these notebooks into the store, but it's so worth it.

Today was my best couponing day yet. I bought $45.36 worth of groceries and used 20 triple coupons. I love watching the total go down as the cashier scans the coupons. When I saw how much I owed I seriously just stood there in shock...$4.37!!! YES! Here is what I got for under $5!

I ended up getting both toothpastes, the sour cream, the grillmates marinade packet, and both croutons for FREE! Everything else was just cents. This is a new hobby of mine that Tadd just loves! :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 Months Already??

My baby boy turned 10 months old yesterday! He is so much fun to stay home with! We spend our days playing with all his toys in the living room, running short errands in between his 3 naps/day, pulling out all the tupperware in the cabinet, trying new finger foods, pulling the magnets off the refrigerator, going for walks around the neighborhood, pulling the food out of the pantry, and enjoying lots and lots of cuddle time. Brogan is ALL boy...getting into everything he can find. He's stopped the dinosaur grunting for the most part. He's now moved on to the "scream so high and loud that only a dog can hear me" phase. Hopefully it's a short-lived one. Personally, I think it's hilarious because he isn't mad- just discovering his voice. I'm sure others in restaurants and stores don't find it so humorous. We're still waiting for him to say his first word. He understands Mama, Dada, May May (our dog), more, high five, bye bye, baby, and fish. Here are some recent pictures of my sweet boy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Growing up too fast!

Since the last blog entry, Brogan has turned 9 MONTHS OLD! It truly is amazing how fast time is flying by. He is a crawling machine and thinks that he is SOOO big now that he can pull up on anything. Of course, this makes for many more falls and boo-boo's.

Brogan is also doing much better sleeping. After months of me getting up 4-5 times a night to feed him, I had to re-train him. He typically goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up at 7am, getting up once or twice a night. I just change his diaper, give him a hug and put him back down and he's fine. He started sucking his thumb now and rubbing his lovey on his face.

Brogan is also eating just about anything we offer him. Spaghetti, yogurt, grilled cheese, chicken pot pie, and Miss April's lasagna are some of the most recent new foods he's loved. He's still nursing about 5 times a day along with solids at all 3 meals. With all this eating, he's still only in the 10th percentile for weight. At his 9 month check up, he was 17.10lbs and 27 inches long (25th percentile).

We had a great Easter! Brogan and I went to the Saturday night service to hear Tadd's message. (Brogan loves to watch his daddy on the monitor!) On Sunday, we headed to my Nana's house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. We pushed Brogan around in his red car looking for his eggs, which were filled with cheerios and puffs. He was so adorable!