Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It won't be like this for long

I'm sure you've all seen this video or heard the song on the radio. It's always a reminder to me to just stop. Stop the to-do lists. Is it really that big of a deal if my dirty clothes sit in the hamper for one more day? If there are more dishes in the sink than I prefer? If my blog isn't updated on a consistent routine? No, no, no. Is it really a big deal if I miss playing with my son. Yes. To be honest, I've never been the most productive person on the planet. Tadd will agree 110%. I am a procrastinator like you've never seen. I enjoy sitting on the floor with Brogan all day long and playing, reading, and singing with him. BUT, my guilty conscience always starts blabbering away at me. "Go clean the toilet", it nags. "Go throw the wet towels in the dryer before they sour", it continues. "You haven't made the bed in a week!" It's screaming at me now. I guess it's the conflict of being a mommy and staying at home. My job is to take care of Brogan AND our house. But I'm reminding MY annoying conscience that Brogan comes before the toilet, the laundry, and the million other chores that seem to never end. It WON'T be like this for long. Now, who's going to remind me about this post when baby #2 comes along and I'm pulling out my hair?!?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Who's Excited?

Brogan is!!!
Brogan wants to tell everyone that he's going to be a big brother sometime in April! My due date keeps changing, but as of today I am 13 weeks 2 days pregnant and the baby's due date is April 10th. We are super thrilled about this Easter baby :)