Thursday, October 28, 2010

My baby girl SIX months old! Well, actually she'll be 7 months in less than two weeks. Time has flown by so much faster with Maisy than it did with Brogan. People have told me it's normal, but it still makes me so sad. My little May-May (can you tell I love nicknames?) is just the most happy, content, easy-going baby I've ever met. She smiles all the time and only cries when she's ready to eat or she's ready for bed. I am so in love with her and the sweet personality God gave her. A few facts about Miss Maisy:
-she usually goes to sleep for the night around 8pm and gets up to nurse once
-we (okay, me) are working on switching her to her own room. She's still in the pack 'n play in our room and she's definitely ready for her bigger crib. Buuuttt, it's so hard to let go :( I'm working on it!!
-She has a green frog lovey that used to be Brogan's. I still want to buy her a pink lovey though
-Maisy loves her paci! She sucks the thing like Maggie Simpson :)
-She weighs 17.something lbs.
-She thinks Brogan is the funniest person in the whole world
-Maisy has 2 bottom teeth
-When she wants to be picked up, she lifts her chubby arms up in the air towards me
-She's still working on eating solid foods. Her little tongue is still getting used to the new textures. She seems to like sweet potatoes and bananas the best so far.
-We switched Maisy's car seat to the convertible seat. This means, no infant seat to carry her into the stores. She's been sitting in the front of grocery carts, but she's still a little wobbly :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dear Brogan,

It's so hard to believe that you are now a 2 year old. It really does seem like just a few months ago, I got to hold you for the first time. I fell madly in love with you the very second I saw you. From the day you were born, you have kept me on my toes 24/7. You weren't the easiest baby and definitely high-maintenance but oh you're such a momma's boy...and I love it. Now, you are gaining independence, wanting to do things for yourself. It's a little difficult for me to let go- I catch myself doing things for you that I know you are capable of doing- just because I want to keep thinking you're my little baby. You are so incredible. I love to just sit and watch you play. Your mind goes a million miles a minute and you move from one activity to the next. You are a jumping bean and a dare-devil. You are an artist and a master at puzzles. You enjoy making me vacuum and read the same books over and over. I love all these things about you- even though most days I go to bed exhausted :)

Here are a few other things that I love about you:
-the way you say "noooo" (cute now, maybe not later haha)
-how you suck your teeth when you're concentrating on puzzles
-when you accomplish anything, you say, "There, I did it!" in your cute little way
-every time I change your diaper, you yell "wee-wee!" :)
-you stick your tongue out when you "jaw jaw" (draw)
-the way you say my name to get my attention when you're about to do something you know is a no-no...and then smile at me
-you call Maisy, "my beh-beh" (baby) and want to kiss her goodnight before bed
-you are an awesome sleeper (knock on wood!!)
-when anyone around you laughs, you join in with a (very) fake laugh
-you'd rather eat broccoli than macaroni and cheese (unlike mommy and daddy!)
-how you'll sit and line things up- cars, markers, crayons, etc.
-the way you say "choooo choooo" when you play with your trains
-you like to sing and dance to Barney and Elmo

One year old Brogan

Two year old Brogan

I'm back...hopefully :)

So much has happened since I last posted. Brogan and Maisy are growing up way too fast and it seems like the only time I have to sit down and type is at night after they have gone to bed. And that's when the couch, TV, and popcorn call my name :) I hope to be better, but no promises! Survivor and Grey's Anatomy are pretty tough to compete with haha

Here's a silly picture for the heck of it :P