Saturday, September 29, 2012

Maisy's ABC's

 And here are some facts about my sweet little Maisy:

A- really good at playing ALONE
B- eats 2 mini BLUEBERRY muffins and applesauce every single morning for breakfast
C- CANNOT keep her hands, feet, fingers, head, hair, etc. off of Lula
D- calls all of her baby DOLLS, "Lula"
E- has an ENDLESS supply of silly faces
F- has to have her FROGGY lovey, blue blanket, and paci at all times
G- GOES to playschool 2 days a week
H- likes to HELP me do laundry
I- has a very active IMAGINATION and loves to play pretend
J- wears JEWELRY when she dresses up like a superhero
K- likes Hershey's KISSES and all other types of chocolate
L- plays with her LITTLE people toys every chance she gets
M- wants to be MINNIE MOUSE for Halloween
N- loves to eat NOODLES of any kind
O- had a Wizard of OZ birthday party for her second birthday in April
P- calls her PINK converse, her "ducks" instead of chucks
Q- calls pennies, dimes, nickels, and QUARTERS, her "moneys"
R- REPEATS everything her big brother says and does- good and bad
S- SNOW WHITE is her favorite Disney Princess right now
T- enjoys having her TOENAILS painted...usually pink
U- being potty-trained so lots of Pull-UPS in this house
V- does not like any VEGETABLE...none
W- WILL not drink milk
X- is eXTREMELY (ha!) sweet in the mornings
Y- loves her YELLOW minions t-shirt from Despicable Me
Z- has only been to the ZOO once...I think she's due a trip this fall!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Brogan's ABC's

Since so much time has passed since I last blogged, I thought this would be an easy way to get caught up on our lives. We've welcomed a new baby girl, Miss Lula Caroline into our family and Brogan and Maisy won't stop growing up way too fast. Here is a summary of my sweet little boy in ABC form:

A- had an AVENGERS birthday party this summer
B- was much more BRAVE this summer at the waterpark
C- CAPTAIN America is his favorite Superhero
D- DONUTS= favorite special breakfast
E- comes into our bed EVERY morning and usually falls back to sleep
F- FOUR years old!
G- has memorized GREEN Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
H- wants to be HULK for Halloween (since he was Captain America last year)
I- is becoming more INDEPENDENT in getting dressed/undressed
J- loves his new JAKE and the Neverland Pirates ship that PuhPuh and PapPap got him
K- big fan of KETCHUP
L- still needs his LOVEYS
M- loves his daddy but still a MOMMY'S boy :)
N- has gone to two NASCAR races this year (Charlotte and Bristol)- GO #48!
O- had no fear of the OCEAN this summer- unlike last year
P- goes to PLAYSCHOOL three days a week and loves it
Q- is good about being QUIET around baby Lula
R- REALLY loves to play on the iPad
S- loves his SISTERS so so so much
T- requests TACOS every time we ask him what he'd like for lunch/supper
U- UNDER the 10th percentile for height and weight for his age
V- green beans, green peas, and corn are the only VEGETABLES he'll touch
W- WHINY when he's tired...which is why he still naps every afternoon
X- enjoys watching all superhero cartoons, including the X-MEN
Y- fills my heart with joy when he sings, "YAHWEH, YAHWEH, we love to shout your name, Oh Lord..."
Z- loves ZAXBY'S fried chicken, fries, and tea :)