Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brogan update :)

DISCLAIMER: May induce eye rolling due to the bragging content of this post :)

The next few paragraphs are very random pieces of our life with Brogan. None of it's just me posting a couple of reasons why I love my son.

My (big) baby boy turned 19 months and I thought I'd share (brag...whatever) about him. Brogan did so well at his 18 month portraits. We went to Portrait Innovations and we're very pleased with the photographer, price, and how quickly you get the pictures (w/in 20 minutes!) Here's a few that Tadd put on facebook:

While waiting for our pictures to print, we went next door to Cold Stone. Brogan and I shared some Oreo ice cream which he loved. He worked hard for that treat!

Everyone who knows Brogan knows that he is in LOVE with Sesame Street. His favorite character at the moment is Count and instead of saying "Count" he says "ha ha ha" just like Count does. Knowing his Sesame Street characters has really helped him learn his colors too. For example, I'll say to Brogan, "Who is blue?" and he'll say "mmmmmmmm" which is toddler for Cookie Monster. Or I'll say, "Where's the purple crayon?" and he'll find it because he knows that Count is purple. The funniest imitation he does is Elmo's laugh. Hilarious :)

Speaking of coloring, the child would rather color than anything else in the world. DO NOT take him down the crayon aisle at Walmart or Target unless you are ready to buy him a new box of crayons. He will throw a fit and yell "Caa Caa!" Also, he's visited time out quite a few times recently for coloring on the walls, bathroom door, computer desk, kitchen floor, refrigerator, his table and chairs, Elmo chair, and ottoman. He definitely knows it's a "no-no" because he does it and then comes to get us to follow him where he shows us his "art". Poor thing hasn't realized that he's supposed to keep his "no-no's" on the DL ;) We introduced bath crayons last week and his eyes got HUGE when Tadd showed him how to draw on the bathtub walls. This probably confuses the mess out of him since I tell him to only color on paper all day long. We'll see how it goes.

Brogan has been sleeping amazingly well for the past several months. He usually goes to sleep around 9pm and gets up around 8am without waking up during the night. He also still takes two good naps during the day. I'm sure this is the calm before the storm before Baby Sister comes along.

I love our mornings together. When I first open his door, Brogan's in such a good mood- jumping up and down and being silly. He asks for his "mmmmmm" and "cheee" (milk and cheerios). We sit together in the recliner with a blanket, "mmmmmm" and "cheee", watching Curious George or Mickey Mouse. Thirty minutes later, he's ready to play.

While I love Brogan more than words could ever say, I must admit that I am NOT loving his little temper tantrums that just started last week. I thought I had 5 more months until the "terrible two's" started, but I guess not. He wants what he wants and he wants it right NOW. He wants to play in the freezer. He wants a smoothie every time he enters the kitchen. He wants to bang on the keyboard. He doesn't want me to change his diaper. He doesn't want to wear clothes- ever. He doesn't want me to help him stack his cups or help him with puzzles. Ohhhhh boy. I was crossing my fingers that it was because he was sick last week, but I think my boy is just stubborn (like his daddy of course!)

Anyway, I'm sure we'll survive this phase. (It IS a phase, right?) We are just about ready to start the transition from crib to toddler bed. Oh how I'm praying for that!


Jennifer said...

What fun! (even if he cries and runs away every time he sees me! ha!)

I need to bring you a Magic Eraser... it works wonders on crayon wall art!

Theresa said...

Becki, it is always fun reading your blogs...I laugh every time I read your stories about Brogan... I love how you are using pink on your page... I get so excited about having another "girl".. in the family... she will be coming soon and I can't wait to meet her... luv u

Sara said...

Becki, I loved reading about Brogan and crayons. It's funny because Ethan is the complete opposite except for the tantrums. That's definitely a stage and it will pass in a few months. Then when they turn 2 they come back! I also liked how you said that watching the count has helped with his colors b/c I am having the hardest time getting Ethan to say his colors. I'll have to get him to watch sesame street more!