Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brogan the Dinosaur

Brogan is a frightening beast. He actually made a little girl cry! Sunday night, we met my parents for supper at a Mexican restaurant. Brogan was in a fairly good mood and was pretty content chewing on his baked sweet potato fries. After a while, he started to get bored and then the grunting began. He has done this for several months and we are lost as to why he does it. He grunts when he wants something, when he has to poop, when he's hungry, when he's full, when he wants our attention, when he's sleepy, etc. It isn't just a little "Tim the Toolman" grunt either. He sounds like a dinosaur. Anyway, he started to grunt and immediately a little baby girl began crying. She stopped after a few minutes. Brogan grunted again, and she started crying again. This happened all through supper and we couldn't stop laughing. What could we do? Thankfully, the little girl's parents thought it was funny too (or so we think, they spoke Spanish...) How could anyone be scared of such a cutie?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Brogan and Anna Claire's 1st play date

Anna Claire and her mommy, Shanda came over last week for a play date. Anna Claire is one week younger than Brogan and we've been wanting to get the two together for a while. Here are a few pictures of the sweet babies!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I've been tagged!

Katy tagged me a while back and I'm just now getting to it :) I'm supposed to post some pictures from my photo album and explain why they're great memories. Here's a few I could find:

This is while Tadd and I were dating. I drove down with his parents to visit him in Atlanta. On this day, we had gone to downtown ATL and visited the Coca Cola museum, Underground Atlanta, ate at the Varsity, and just walked around. It was such a great day. Of course, I was thinking the whole time that Tadd was going to propose...which he didn't. He made me wait 3 more months!

This is a picture of Rachel and I right after we turned in our portfolios and paperwork for graduation. We had stayed up the whole night before working on them and were so stinking glad to be done! I would never had made it through college without this girl...God sent her to me at JUST the right time. Her friendship is so precious to me!

I love this family! The Atkins are a wonderful couple who we met right away when we moved to NC. I taught 3rd grade with April for two years and don't want to go back unless she's still there! :) They're die-hard Carolina fans and I believe we took this picture before some big game last year...can't exactly remember. But I love that we all coordinate. I think I'm around 24 weeks pregnant, but man I just look fat.

This is Shanda and me while we were both pregnant (obviously). We had the same due date (July 1) and were 38 weeks along. I ended up having Brogan 3 days early and she had Anna Claire 4 days late, making the babies one week apart. They just had their first play date so I'll have to post those pictures later.

This was Halloween '07 and does Tadd look Cuban or What? haha! We went to our first Halloween party that night (and probably last...) and I was incredibly emotional the whole time. I found out a couple days later that I was 5 weeks pregnant. Explained a lot!

Me and my baby boy- how can you love someone so intensely and so instantly? I don't know, but I fell in love the moment I met him and can't imagine my life without my Bro Bro.

Ok, there ya go...a few memories. Hope you enjoyed :)
Now, I'm going to tag Missy, Jennifer, and Cristina...can't wait to see the pictures!