Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Maisy

Maisy has experienced so many "firsts" and I've done an awful job of documenting them. She will be ONE next month! My goodness time goes way too fast with the second child. Maisy has the sweetest disposition- never demanding. She loves to give hugs and cuddle and be nursed to sleep. Brogan makes her laugh like no one's business and she loves to torment him by playing with his toys. She has eight teeth and uses them to eat anything she can find on the floor (including playdough, Brogan's poptart crumbs, and crayons.) Here are just a few pictures of those "firsts"...

First Halloween (in Brogan's first halloween costume)

First Thanksgiving (in Brogan's first thanksgiving onesie)

First Disney trip! (November 2010)

First Christmas!

First Cabbage Patch Doll!

First Ponytail :)

First Superbowl Party

First Valentines Day

First Pigtails! (February 2011)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Brogan's ABCs

Because there is SO much I've failed to blog about in the past 5 months, I'm going to try to get caught up by "borrowing" my friend Shanda's cute idea.

The ABC's according to Brogan:

A- Alex and Anna Claire (his friends)
B- Baby (what he usually calls Maisy), Buzz Lightyear, Baths
C- Cars (the movie), Curious George, Church
D- Daddy, Dancing
E- Elf (the movie)
F- Fruit snacks
G- GiGi and Grandad
H- Hates having his Hair washed
I- Ice cream
J- "Jesus Loves Me", Jimmie Johnson #48
K- Ketchup
L- Lovies, Larry the Cucumber and all his silly songs
M- Maisy, Mommy, Milk
N- being Naked (such a male haha)
O- "Our God" by Chris Tomlin, Organizing his toys and movies Over and Over
P- PapPap and PuhPuh, Puzzles, Mr. Potato Heads, Pizza, Popcorn, Poptarts
Q- asking lots and lots of Questions
R- Running away when it's time to get dressed..
S- Stevie, School- he LOVES it!, Spiderman and Superman
T- Tacos, Tarheels
U- Underweight (still 25lbs...but cute as can be) :)
V- Vacuuming (weird, right?), Vinegar and salt on cucumbers (like his mommy)
W- Woody and all the Toy Story characters
X- being X-tra silly- lots of personality!
Y- Yogurt
Z- story and song of Zacchaeus

And here is is...my wild little man