Wednesday, December 16, 2009

23 Weeks

*How far along?: 23 weeks 4 days

*Weight gain: I'm not sure...I go back to the dr. in one week. My guess is 7-10lbs. up from pre-pregnancy weight. I only gained 17lbs. total with Brogan so this weight gain is a little unnerving. Darn pizza at 9pm!!!

*Maternity clothes: VENT: It's impossible to find maternity sweatshirts that are not zip-up hoodies. With Brogan, I didn't need cold-weather maternity clothes and plus, I worked so I couldn't dress like a bum during the day. But now that I stay home, can I please just find a stinkin' sweatshirt that is made for pregnant women?? VENT OVER.

*Sleep: I can't get enough. I get about 9 hours each night and it seems like nothing.

*Stretch marks: None

*Best moment of this week: My friend Shanda gave me a pack of hair barrettes for our baby girl! I have no experience with them, but they are soooo cute and tiny!

*Movement: Yes, especially when I drink orange juice and eat chocolate right before bed :)

*Food cravings: nothing too weird- pizza always works! And pink lemonade crystal light (that does count as water, right???) :)

*What I miss most: having a waist

*What I'm looking forward to: still working on that perfect name!!!

*Words of wisdom: Hot dogs are so tasty. :) I didn't eat a single one with Brogan b/c of them being unhealthy. Pssshhh! I've already eaten 3 this pregnancy and enjoyed them tremendously! Don't you feel wiser for knowing that? haha

*Milestones: as of today, baby has developed a hand grip reflex and startle reflex (


The Vernon's said...

Nathan's hot dogs are the best, and they're better because they don't have nitrates in them.

I craved hotdogs while I was pregnant, so Nathan's were the best "alternative."

I can't wait to see your little girl! :o)

Sara said...

You're so cute. Gotta love those cravings! I'm excited that you are having a girl. Brogan is going to love having a little sister to pick on!