Saturday, December 5, 2009

22 Weeks

*How far along?: 22 weeks

*Weight gain: 5 lbs. up from pre-pregnancy weight

*Maternity clothes: Yes please. I could live in sweatpants my entire pregnancy and be perfectly happy.

*Sleep: Despite getting up countless times because of my insane bladder, I sleep pretty well. This could be due to my slight benadryl addiction. Maybe.

*Stretch marks: None so far. I was blessed that I didn't get any with Brogan. Keeping my fingers crossed for none again!

*Best moment of this week: Going to the Carter's outlet with my mom and browsing the girls clothes. My daughter will definitely be dressed in pink---pink sweatpants heehee :)

*Movement: Lots and lots! I love it. When I switch sides at night, I can feel her switching positions too. It's just adorable :)

*Food cravings: Peanut butter pie for sure (like 2 pies in one week!) and ham sandwiches with tons of shredded lettuce. And orange juice.

*What I miss most: When I was pregnant with Brogan, I could come home from work and put my feet up and watch tv the rest of the night if I wanted. That definitely doesn't happen now.

*What I'm looking forward to: Getting through Christmas and then starting on her nursery

*Milestones: According to, our baby girl is approximately one pound. So little!


Andrea Halsey said...

Wait, what?! Are you having a baby?!!!!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I think most stores have more pink than blue. It must be fun to have all those girl things to look through.