Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Things have been very busy lately...time is moving too fast! I thought I'd just let everyone in on our last/next couple of weeks:

-June 19th was PRC's 3rd Annual Family Night at the Park and it was a huge success! Last year when I went, it was ONE week from my water breaking and Brogan beginning his SLOW entry into this world. This year, he rode the train, grabbed our pizza and took some bites, and enjoyed Matthew, Emma and Kennedy's snow cones. I think he preferred this year :)

-Tadd just got back from preaching at Revolution Church in Canton, GA (where he used to be on staff). He had a horrible experience trying to get down there. I doubt he'll ever fly US Airways again. His checked bag didn't show up until he went back to the airport to come HOME! I have heard, though, that he did an incredible job on Sunday. God really gave him an excellent message to share with the people of Revolution.

-I found a bakery to bake both of Brogan's birthday cakes. They are reasonably priced and would do exactly what I wanted. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they turn out nicely! :)

-We are getting excited about Brogan's first birthday. Sad, but excited too. Sometimes when I look at him he looks like a kid. Other times he looks like a baby. Of course I'll always picture him as my baby, but he's starting to look older. His hair is growing super fast and he's getting taller and leaner each day.

-I'm getting my hair done on Thursday. WOOHOO! It's been since March and my hair is crazy right now, since I'm still taking prenatal vitamins. Three months is TOO long to go, but it's a good way to save money.

-Tadd was out of town for Father's Day this year...so we celebrated Thursday night at Cracker Barrel. He opened his present from Brogan in the van at the airport before he left. Brogan got him a coffee mug with a collage of pictures on it- all of him and Daddy together. And a bag of Reese's Pieces :)

-We are still deciding what we want to do for vacation this year. Traveling with a one year old kind of limits our options. I'm not sure I want to fly on a plane with him yet. He's not the "calmest" of children, that's for sure. We're looking into the Great Wolf Lodge, the beach, and Orlando as possible options. Any advice? Recommendations?

-Brogan has his one year portraits on the 29th! I am super excited. Andrea Halsey is doing them (andreahalsey.com) and she has her own little cottage. I know they will turn out great...if Brogan cooperates. I'm nervous about that. Brogan will miss having Tandy take his pictures this time, but we can't wait for her to take some more when we visit!

-My best friend, Rachel is visiting us in July! WOOHOO!!!! I can't wait to see her- it's almost been a year since the last time she traveled south to visit.

-Here are a few recent pictures of BroBro. He is hilarious! Always getting into something...just like his daddy and Uncle Bryan (uh-oh!) :)

Playing at the pool like a big boy!

Crawling around on mommy and daddy's bed

Playing with Anna Claire!

First Snow Cone!

Quiet baby=Trouble!


Cristina Camarata said...

Oh Becki...I love reading your blogs. I cannot believe He will be 1!! He is such a cutie pie and I know guys are so proud. He has seriously got the cutest smile ever! You are such a good mamma and Brogan is Blessed with great parents! Can't wait to see pictures of the cake for His B-day! God Bless you and your beautiful Famiy :)

Jennifer said...

The picture of Brogran eating out of the tub of butter is priceless! You certainly have your hands full :o)

Isn't is amazing how great a haircut makes you feel?! Love it!

Sara said...

LOL! That is hilarious that he got into the butter! What was your reaction? It never really crossed my mind that they could possibly figure out how to get the lids off of things. I better watch out.

Becki said...

My first thought was, "gotta get the camera!" haha! I should have known...he uses his teeth to get the lid off of the puffs containers so the butter was nothing new for him :) I'm since moved it to a higher shelf!