Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday to my Baby!

This has been such a bittersweet day. Feelings of excitement over watching my baby grow up to be a sweet, smart, strong, and hilarious toddler are mixed with feelings of sadness over my baby not being so little anymore. I once read that we eagerly await our child's "firsts", but never really know when their "lasts" will happen. Last time taking a bottle, last time in the baby tub, last time playing with a certain toy, last time being nursed to sleep. The feelings going through my mind are so hard to explain. I'm sure other mommies understand. Since I'm having such a difficult time expressing how I feel, I'll just write my sweet angel a little note and leave some pictures. The tears are already falling. This is so hard!

Dear BroBro,
Happy 1st Birthday baby boy! Words just cannot express how much love I have for you in my heart. The second I laid my eyes on you, I was so in love. I honestly never experienced a love so intense and so instant. You have brought such joy and life into our home. I can't remember a time without your contagious laugh, your head-butting, your blue lovey, watching you suck your thumb, your sweet wave, stinky diapers, and toys all over the house. I treasure our memories we've made this past year, especially nursing and rocking you to sleep every night and singing "our" three songs over and over. I am just so blessed that God has chosen me to be your mommy. I know that He has big plans for you! I love you so much sweet baby!
Love, Mommy

Just minutes old...6lbs.7oz.

So peaceful

Checking out his new world

Our little family :)

Oh how I miss my teeny weeny he's a wild man! :)

What a difference a year makes!

Birthday cake #1

Birthday cake #2

The birthday boy on the way to church...19lbs.

Relaxing with Daddy on his birthday

Me and my sweet baby!

1st Birthday = 1st Chilly Willy :)

Birthday supper at McDonalds...yum yum :)


Anonymous said...

What A Joy and a Gift from God...

Love You All... Happy One Year....

With A Little Gift From God !!!

Love You, Aunt Heidi

Jennifer said...

What a precious baby :o) Brogan is certainly blessed to have you as his Mommy!

Hope you all had a happy birthday!

Theresa aka Gigi said...

Becki, That is the sweetest blog... You are such a good Mom!... Brogan is so blessed to have parents like you and Tadd that love him soooo much!!...
We are SO thankful God sent us Brogan!
AKA... Bro-man or Bro-Bro
We pray Brogan had a great 1ST Birthday!
Love you guys!

Sara said...

That is the sweetest blog entry. I teared up myself thinking about my Ethan. It's definitely making me treasure the time I have with Jayden b/c it does go by so fast. Brogan is adorable and it looks like he had a great time eating his cake!