Friday, October 24, 2008

Yummy date night!

The State Fair has come to NC! And for the first year in a long time, I decided not to go. Yes, I gave up my usual funnel cake, cotton candy, corn dog, ice cream with sprinkles, and kettle corn. (I know- that's a mammoth amount of food- but it's once a year!) I decided that I would rather spend our money (and calories) on a date night with Tadd.
Last night, my mom and aunt came over and watched Brogan for us. We started off with the Cheesecake Factory (where I did NOT get cheesecake- ickkk.) Tadd got a gigantic burger and cleaned his plate.

I got the romano chicken and it looked like I barely touched my food (even though I ate until I was stuffed!) The leftovers will definitely be eaten tomorrow!

Then we went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where I got the most delicious MONSTER apple! I wish I had taken a picture of my actual apple but I had to hide it in my purse until the lights went down in the movie. Sneaky sneaky, I know :)

We went to see Eagle Eye- which is SOOO good and suspensful. I was gnawing on my fingernails the whole time- oops.

It was so wonderful to get out of the house and spend time with Tadd. I have to admit, though, that we talked about Brogan most of the night, but that's okay- neither of us minded :)


Jennifer said...

cute pictures :o) your plate was HUGE! so glad you had a wonderful time... you definitely deserve some time away. By the way, Are you feeling better?

Jennifer said...

I LOVE your new blog look... TOO CUTE :o)