Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apple Core Baltimore

While we were in the mountains, we went to Hillcrest Apple Orchard. We didn't get to pick any apples off the trees, but at least we got fresh apples! I held an apple up to Brogan so he could see it, and he started sucking on it!

While we were driving home from the orchard, I was eating an apple and I said to Tadd: "Apple Core, Baltimore, Who's your friend, Me!" He had no idea what I was talking about. Every time I eat an apple, I either say this aloud or in my head. It's from an old Donald Duck cartoon with Chip and Dale. It goes like this:
Chip/Dale: Apple Core
Donald Duck: Baltimore
Chip/Dale: Who's your friend?
Donald Duck: Me! (and then he's hit with an apple core)
Here it is for you to enjoy!


Rich said...

Mrs. Becki,
thanks for the video... This is just like my wife. I liked the video...

Robin said...

Hi Becki,
I use to watch those cartoons when I was little then my kids watched them and loved it! what ever happend to the good ol cartoons?