Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy AND Sad

Yesterday, Brogan turned FOUR MONTHS OLD! All day long, I went back and forth between being so excited about him growing up and being so sad that it's happening way too fast. It really does seem like just a few weeks ago that he was placed in my arms at the hospital. I mean, every time I get off the Huffman Mill exit, I get tears in my eyes because it's the hospital exit. Honestly, I've been struggling with the thought of my little Brogy Bear (heehee- he'll so hate that one day) getting older. I usually can't WAIT for Christmas to come...this year is no different, except that I don't want it to come either. Brogan will be SIX months then and that's half way to one year. Ohhh, I need someone to shut off my brain.

God, please help me to focus on the positive- Brogan is a happy, healthy baby and I have so much to be thankful for. Thank you for his sweet smile and laugh. Thank you for the joy he brings me every day. Thank you for allowing me to stay home with him and witness all of his "firsts". Thank you for the four months we've had with our baby and I pray that you'll continue to keep him safe and healthy. Amen.

Brogan's big boy outfit :)

Facing "out" in his stroller...and loving his fist :)

My little stud muffin :)


Jennifer said...

awwwww, Becki... you're making me cry! you are too precious (and so is Brogan!)

Anonymous said...

my sweet boy...i love him so much! you are so welcome...don't thank me, silly! :) i'm so possessive over him in the nursery...haha, i don't want to share! :) have fun and be careful...i will miss you bunches!!! love you much!

love, missy