Thursday, November 20, 2008

November has been crazy!

It's been a while since I last posted, but life has been crazy lately! On Nov. 2, Tadd, my mother in law, and I drove down to Douglasville, GA to stay with my sister-in-law and her family. Tadd and his brother left on the 3rd (my birthday) to go to Burkina Faso, Africa for 10 days. It was nice to have some help with Brogan while Tadd was out of town, but we really missed him. While we were there, Brogan decided to have several "firsts". He started teething! :) I can't believe my baby has 2 teeth coming in! He's also gotten very interested in watching us eat- so I let him try some cereal on a spoon- and he LOVED it! He opens his mouth like a baby bird and lets me put the spoon right in. I thought all was well until he didn't poop for 5 days because the cereal was "clogging" him up. So, I gave him some pear juice and it did the trick! He's also gotten very good at rolling from his tummy to back and is getting close to rolling from his back to tummy! We came home Nov. 15 and now we're trying to get back into our routine. I told myself that I would transition Brogan to his crib when we got back, but every night I say the same thing: "Just one more night in our room..." I didn't think it would be this hard! Maybe I'll do it by the time he's 5 months (that's 8 days away!)
I can't find the cord that downloads pictures from my camera to the computer, so I'll have to post pictures of our trip later. But here is a gorgeous picture of my baby that my sister-in-law, Tandy, took while we were there. I love that she captured him sucking on his fist.


Theresa said...

Don't you love that face?..Brogan is so cute and so funny!.. Becki, I had the best time with you, Brogan, Tandy, Cobe and Cayden in Atlanta..It was so fun shopping, watching tv, watching the movie "Made of Honor" going out to eat lunch, eating desserts at night and drinking carmel steamers, just us girls.... Can't wait til Christmas when we are all together again...So, We can make Carmel steamers!!!
Love ya,

Jennifer said...

We certainly missed you!

Those pictures are adorable. Your sister-in-law certainly has a great talent!

See you soon :o)