Saturday, March 6, 2010

35 Weeks

*How far along?: 35 weeks

*Weight gain: +5lbs so 20lbs total. I have officially gained more weight w/ this pregnancy than with Brogan. I blame it on the pop tarts, dunkin' sticks, and cinnamon toast crunch that were calling my name at the grocery store

*Sleep: way too little

*Stretch marks: none

*Best moment of this week: I have really enjoyed playing with Brogan here lately. It's like you can see the light bulbs turn on over his head when he figures things out. He's gotten very good with puzzles and enjoys playing with his cars and basketball hoop. He's also talking more, although Tadd and I are probably the only ones who can understand him :)

Also, the "nesting" instinct has slightly hit me. Let me just say that I never felt the need to "nest" before Brogan was born. So WOOHOO for me haha :) We finally painted and redecorated the hall/kid's bathroom and it looks so fun. I'm dying to work on the nursery but I'm still trying to pick out pink bedding. I've found a couple online that I can't choose between.

*Movement: not many kicks...more like she's trying to stretch out and get comfy but is having a hard time finding room

*Labor Signs: more and more braxton hicks...some are more uncomfortable than others

*Food cravings: Pretty much anything unhealthy and also Ocean Spray cranberry-grape juice- I've gone through 4 bottles in 2 weeks!

*What I miss most: the days where I didn't have to pop Tums like candy...seriously, why does a peanut butter sandwich cause such insane heartburn??

*What I'm looking forward to: watching Brogan interact with his baby sister...I know it's gonna be a little hard on him but I can't wait to see him kiss her! :)

*Measuring: 33 1/2 cm. Now I'm back to being a little behind.

*Milestones: 35/35!! 35 weeks down and 35 days (hopefully less) until she's born!!

Also, I **think** we may have decided on the first name. We aren't going to tell anyone before she's born because we want to see her first and make sure she "looks" like the name we've chosen. No definite middle name either :(

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