Tuesday, July 14, 2009

C is for Cookie!

My mom recently went to Trader Joes down in Chapel Hill and was so sweet to bring Brogan a tub of Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies. Sadly, Brogan has eaten about 4 of them and I've downed the rest. They are DELICIOUS! They taste kind of like cinnamon bun dough before it's cooked. YUMMMM...raw dough! :) I keep telling myself that they are actually healthy because there's no preservatives or artificial colors/flavors - and avoid looking at the nutrition label. Actually, I just peeked and 15 cookies is 130 calories. That's pretty decent, if you can just eat 15. Me? Never. I just keep on and on. But they are some fun little things...you can spell anything. I didn't actually look to see if every letter is in there, but I did see a 'Q', so I'm guessing all the other "unpopular" letters are in there too. I will have to remember these cute cookies for when Brogan goes to preschool- I can send him a B,R,O,G,A, and a N cookie. That's all. The rest are for mommy :)

The nearly empty container:

Such FUN cookies!

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Jennifer said...

You are too cute with your "YUMMY GOODNESS"

15 cookies-- that's a steal for the hips!