Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yay for Saving Money!

My mom and I recently started "couponing" and I have quickly gotten hooked! I've always done my main grocery shopping at Walmart because it's cheaper than anywhere else. But I've found that with coupons, I can get things very cheap or even free at Harris Teeter with their double and triple coupons. Now, I've always wanted to use coupons but either forgot to hand them to the cashier or forgot to take them to the store to start with. My mom and I got these notebooks and organized them with dividers and baseball card holders. SO MUCH EASIER! We look like some serious shoppers carrying these notebooks into the store, but it's so worth it.

Today was my best couponing day yet. I bought $45.36 worth of groceries and used 20 triple coupons. I love watching the total go down as the cashier scans the coupons. When I saw how much I owed I seriously just stood there in shock...$4.37!!! YES! Here is what I got for under $5!

I ended up getting both toothpastes, the sour cream, the grillmates marinade packet, and both croutons for FREE! Everything else was just cents. This is a new hobby of mine that Tadd just loves! :)


curlyheadedtuba said...

Great job! Where do you get most of your coupons-- the newspaper? I love a bargain!

Jennifer said...

I see a Girl's Night Couponing 101 coming very VERY soon!!

Tadd is so proud of you :o)

Kate said...

oh wow! i gotta get into that!